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My query then is: If lots of very gifted, even gifted individuals have ADD, how is it that their brain is not working quick sufficient? The better question is: which hemisphere is not working fast sufficient?

Falling down is certainly one of a human’s largest fears. That’s why balancing on the tightrope-fashion device creates a boost of power, and offers the brain some additional pace in processing things to help it take care of the specter of shedding balance and falling down. Since we bodily force our body to stay balanced on top of that tightrope, it’s needed that the 2 mind hemispheres talk without overpowering each other.

Balancing that simulates walking on a tightrope, takes that hemisphere incompatibility and the desire for dominance, and gets it beneath management. Using our bodily body, we place specific demands on the brain, and the mind learns. When …