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Substance Rehabilitation Centers- Services offered by them

The services provided by Substance rehabilitation centers and the treatment offer a great deal when recovering. Hence, if they provide effective programs, it can help the abuser recover better. When the centers set the core curriculum, it should include support groups. It is advisable to have group sessions and a family involvement program. But, due to budget constraints, many don’t keep it in their curriculum. Other services are as follows:

  1. Complementary services

Rehab centers that promote themselves based on luxury with treatment offer many complimentary services to their clients. These services can include an outdoor sports facility and a resort-style gym with professional physical trainers. They also have lush grounds and beautiful gardens. They treat their patient holistically; this type of service are called integrative services. These extra services do not replace the traditional ones but are in addition to them.

Consequently, the primary purpose of providing these services is to treat them for substance use and provide overall wellness therapy. The complementary services offered by the centers are as follows:

  • Reiki
  • Yoga
  • Psychodrama
  • Acupuncture
  • Energy psychology
  • Massage therapy
  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • Neurofeedback
  • Nutritional support

Nutrition and recovery have a co-relation with one another. Research says that if people follow proper nutrition, they recover even faster. Luxurious rehab center offers premium meal option with a kitchen system. It usually has a professional chef and other staff members.  

These nutrient food offered by the centers has two benefits. One, it rejuvenates the body, which got damaged during the harmful habit of taking drugs. It repairs the organ that got destroyed in the process. Second, it develops healthy eating habit in the patients that helps a lot in the treatment process.  

Furthermore, research also says that addicts who are under treatment if they have a low diet or eating habit are more likely to relapse. Thus, if you have a good nutritious diet and routine, the risk of relapse is reduced significantly. People relapse because their eating habits reflect the low quality of living or lifestyle. So, some substance rehabilitation centers also provide nutritional education for continuing it in life after the treatment too.

  • An aftercare plan 

An effective aftercare plan is essential for all rehabilitation centers to prevent the case of relapse. Therefore, almost every center offers an aftercare plan, whether luxurious or not. Professional make this plan to ensure that the patient does not indulge in harmful activity after recovering from the rehab.

Even the research says that about 40-60 percent of people relapse post-recovery. This percentage is the same as the other relapse rate of severe diseases like asthma, hypertension, and diabetes. The additional aftercare services provided by the centers include:

  • Individual counseling session regularly
  • Sober living environment including residence
  • Self-support groups, also known as recovery groups like NA
  • Scheduling a personal meeting with a drug counselor.


Recovery is not about completing treatment and taking medicines. There are other reasons, as well. It is a full course treatment where good food, healthy living habit, and the sober environment is the primary key. Thus, when all conditions applied together, help you get sober. So, when finding a perfectsubstance rehabilitation centerslook for these additional services too. More information about drugs and their treatment is in the link. Click to see more .

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